Released 15th January 2016


Dawn Summers is dying. It’s 1853 and as the seventeen year old continues to fade away she has visions of the father she never knew, urging her to fight for her life.

In the small village of Fandova the only medical care is in the form of the mysterious Dr. Moralus who has a known penchant for bloodletting. Thomas, Dawn’s fiancé, is warned against inviting his intervention, but feels he has no choice, he pleads with the doctor to save Dawn’s life…whatever it takes.

Praise for Sunkissed:

‘It was a truly magnificent read that deserves all the recognition it gets.’ – @Little Memoirs

‘If Snow White was a vampire she would be Dawn!’ –

‘An exciting adventure that you won’t be able to put down!’ –

‘To be honest, while reading this book, I can’t put it down! I’m so attached and I can’t wait to know what will happen next. This was a thrilling and refreshing read. I. LOVE. THIS.’ –